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Whether you’re simply curious about your chart or you want to explore your personal mythology, a Goddesstrology reading can bring a sense of calm and clarity to your situation. 

A Goddesstrology reading is like getting a look into the road map to your soul. The chart itself is all you…but it’s nice to have a guide (that’s me!) to walk you through it and help you see what you may have overlooked or just simply make sense of the symbols + story.

For your one-on-one coaching session, I use astrology to get a solid sense of what archetypal patterns are at play in your life and from there, we talk about and analyze your current blocks. Together, we co-create a strategy to help you overcome the frustrations and get on with your best life. Whether you are working through some major energy blocks or you just wish to have a new perspective on old patterns, a Goddesstrology reading can help. 
All sessions over the phone, (though I have made local house calls.) 


1) Select your session type.

2) Schedule the time that works best for you.

3) Answer all the questions for your session type — I MUST have your date of birth, time of birth and location of birth for all astrology-based coaching services and astrology readings.

4) Pay for your services. I currently only accept PayPal and credit cards.

5) At your scheduled time, I call you on the phone.

6) After your call, you receive a copy of your natal chart (PDF) and an mp3 recording of our conversation.

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What Clients Are Saying

Learning about the Goddess points in my chart shed invaluable light on some archetypal patterns in my life I’ve struggled to understand. It gave me a new perspective on them that has helped work more effectively with them. Priceless!!! Thank you Dawn!

I so appreciated working with Dawn. Her information was clear, thorough and easy to digest. She was positive, but gave the information as it was. I had so much fun getting my Solar Return reading, I plan to do this every year as well as gift this to my partner. I highly recommend Dawn and will be referring friends and family.

There were several “ahas!” during our session and the reading still spontaneously speaks to me as events play out in my life…highly recommended!

The biggest breakthrough that sticks out to me is to not abandon myself! The only thing I’d change {about the session} is more time to go deeper!

Peer Recognition



​”Dawn Champine is a gifted intuitive. She is like an emotional grounding rod, and I know that I can always rely on her to help bring me back to center when life starts feeling like it’s spinning out of control.”  ~Joanna DeVoe, KickAss Witch ( 



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It was such a pleasure and an honor to have one of my mentors and friends, Dawn Champine…as a guest teacher for my Spiritual Empowerment Coach Training Program this evening! What a Magical evening of learning, growing, ah-ha moments and laughing. Thank you so much Dawn! Yay!!! Flora Sage, Empowerment Coach, Author (



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If you are looking to incorporate goddess energy in your life, or if you want a deeper understanding of seemingly primal urges or deep-seated traits and tendencies, this is absolutely where you will find a lot of that information. This connection with Dawn and your natal chart is a catalyst for connection with your inner Goddess and Wild Woman.
~ Charlie Nichols, Monarch Company 



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“I have wanted to understand my natal chart for several years. I was waiting for just the right person, and I found her. I wanted more than a typical reading, I wanted to understand my soul purpose, what my gifts are, what my calling is…Dawn has patiently and deeply explained all of this and more. I feel like she knows me better than I do, and I’m so grateful for her wisdom, guidance, and advice.” ~Nicolle Foster, Hairipist and Reiki Master,