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Let’s talk about planetary retrogrades, shall we? Mercury is in it’s shadow zone right now, getting ready to retrograde on Dec 3. You’ve heard the warnings about mercury retrograde…back up your data, don’t sign any contracts, expect delays if you are traveling, expect important emails/ texts to get swallowed up into the Spam Folder Vortex…

But I have a theory that if you are AWARE of the conditions you are working with, you can plan ahead and turn troubles into memory making moments…

For instance, on my first trip overseas (during a Mercury retrograde) it started off horribly! All that could go wrong, did– freak snow storms, cancelled flights, missed connections, lost luggage — I was distraught, tired, cranky…there were no airline attendants at the desk to help me and my fiance figure out our ordeal…it was insane!

So as we were sitting in the terminal waiting to speak to someone about our woes, I suddenly remembered that Mercury was retrograde… and with this awareness, my mindset shifted and I softened and guess what? I kid you not…as if by magic, two attendants walked out of seemingly no where and helped us.

They upgraded us to first-class on the first morning flight out. The airline put us up in a hotel, comped our dinner and breakfast, gave us an emergency travel kit (due to our luggage having gone on ahead of us) and generally, we were treated like royalty the rest of our journey to Dublin.

So, I share this post in the spirit of awareness. Because if the weather forecast calls for rain, you know you need to take an umbrella or you may get wet. Likewise with planetary retrogrades…if you are aware of the conditions you are working with, you can plan accordingly.

Planetary retrogrades occur when a planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky from Earth’s perspective.

The planet in question will retrace its path through the zodiac and in psycho-spiritual terms, this is an awesome time for do-overs, especially when the do-over is on theme with the planetary archetype.

Personal planets are said to impact you on the personal level while retrograde social planets impact how we interact with others, while the transcendent planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) affect generations.

Following are the dates and degrees of each planetary retrograde for 2018. You’ll find suggestions for how to use this energy as well….

Mercury retrogrades three times in 2018 in fire signs: 
March 22 – April 15, 16° Aries
July 26 – August 19, Leo
November 16 – December 06, Sagittarius (back into Scorpio, a water sign)
Mercury retrograde is excellent for revising, redoing, reworking, reorganizing… and in the FIRE signs, this is not a time to start anything new, but if a previous project was put on ice, now might be a time to come back to it. Who knows…perhaps the embers will burst into a flame and spread?

Venus Retrograde
October 5 – November 16, 2018 at 10° Scorpio 50′
Venus is in its detriment in the sign of Scorpio, meaning Venus has a hard time expressing herself here. Venus is about love, beauty and money and Scorpio is power, sex and death. The complex here is that of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, being abducted into the “Underworld” of sex addiction, codependency or reckless spending. This retrograde may not be a comfortable time for many.

You may feel nostalgic for a love gone by. In fact, expect old friends and lovers to make a return during this period! Venus retrograde is wisely spent re-committing to your personal values, reinvesting your money (though don’t make any NEW investments as it could lose value once Venus goes direct!) …or removing anything from your life that you absolutely do not love.

Venus retrogrades are said to be a fun time for a fling, but it is not recommended to begin a new relationship during this period, as you may have a change of heart once Venus stations direct.

Mars Retrograde
June 26 – Aug 27, 2018 at 9° Aquarius 13′
Mars retrograde is great for relaxing and resting….Mars is our vitality and a Mars retrograde can make us feel less energetic. In the sign of Aquarius, focus on resolving conflicts with others.

The social planets serve as the bridge between the individual and the collective– our hopes and beliefs about how we can be of service and the structures we need to make these manifest. 

Jupiter Retrograde
Mar 8 – Jul 10 23° Scorpio 13′ to 13° Scorpio 21′
Jupiter is the “yes man” of the Zodiac, and when it goes retrograde, you might want to take a pregnant pause before saying yes to anything. Like the guru says, your yes means nothing if you can’t say no….! If you are overcommitted, you won’t be of service to anyone! This is a good time to reconsider your big visions, review your goals and belief systems. This may be a good time to review any new year’s intentions, especially in your business as Jupiter rules over entrepreneurship and abundance.

Saturn Retrograde
Apr 17 – Sep 6 at 9° Capricorn 9′ to 2° Capricorn 33′
Saturn is our “no man” of the zodiac. Saturn, like the loving father archetype it is, wants you to understand that it’s “no” is not to punish you, but to help you get real about your goals and dreams. You can do or be anything you want — just not all at once! So, during the Saturn retrograde, begin to see that no as a tool of discernment. When Saturn goes retrograde, you might feel like time is of the essence. Be like Maxine Waters and “reclaim your time” from anything that would waste it.

Generational planets, or transcendent planetary retrogrades have a sweeping effect on entire generations. The effect is not likely to have a big impact on the personal awareness unless the transit occurs near an angle or is making an aspect to a personal point in one’s chart.

August 7 – Jan 6, 2019 2° Taurus 34′ to 28° Aries 36′
Uranus begins the year retrograde in Aries and stations direct on January 2 at 24° Aries 34′. Uranus tiptoes across the line into the sign of Taurus on May 19th where it inspires us to be innovative with our money, the environment, the building industry and perhaps even bio-hacks! But on August 7 – Jan 6, 2019, Uranus goes retrograde and will backtrack into the sign of Aries again. The result here is likely a reconsideration of where we thought we were headed with all the Taurean innovation — at least for now.

June 18 – Nov 24 16° Pisces 30′ to 13° Pisces 42′
Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and the imagination. As king of poets and theater and arts, a Neptune retrograde can inspire waves of interpretive expression as the collective tries to make sense of their feelings about what is happening around them. Neptune retrograde may see shifts in matters of spirituality, especially in the sign of Pisces.

April 22 – Sep 30 21° Capricorn 17′ to 18° Capricorn 45′
Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn, it will motivate the collective to redistribute power and wealth, to look at systemic issues in matters of business, politics and tradition. Additionally, Pluto is currently squaring natal Pluto in Libra generation, motivating this generation to transform their realities and/or adjust power dynamics when it comes to relationships, justice and culture.


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