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Take the book nearest you and with your eyes closed, open it up to any page.

Now place your pointer finger in the middle of the page you just opened to.

Open your eyes.

The sentence containing the word your finger is on is your message for the Full Moon in Gemini!

I wasn’t going to do a Goddesstrology report for the December 3, 2017 FULL MOON in GEMINI, simply because I have A LOT to do to get this blog launched properly.


Yes, a Full Moon in Gemini normally does have us dabbling in ALL THE THINGS — socializing with friends and family, learning and sharing and enjoying our techy gadgets while on the go go go…

But this full moon in Gemini… is a little different.

It’s planetary ruler, Mercury, will have gone retrograde opposite the full moon (and next to Saturn, no less!) just hours before the full moon is exact. Mercury direct is a very active and extroverted energy, but when Mercury stations retrograde, that energy is directed inward. And when a planet is stationing retrograde, the shifting energies are slightly more chaotic than normal.

This full moon is still going going going, but it may feel like it’s got us going in circles! 

Besides, you may be asking — what is “normal” these days? You may be feeling the energy of this full moon already, and it may feel to you like a culmination of the crazy, frenetic times we’ve dealt with throughout 2017– especially over the last six months when the moon was new in Gemini back in May.

You may even be thinking about all the times you scratched your head this year, trying to make sense of what you were witnessing. The term “fake news” has dominated conversations leading us to question our senses –and our intuition. And the absurd news cycles in general — when what would normally be shocking news gets buried immediately by even more shocking “breaking news” — may have you feeling a bit exhausted, as if you have journeyed very, very far from home and now you just want your comfy bed to hibernate in for awhile.


The lead up to this Gemini full moon is taking us to a place where we may finally find space to sit with our thoughts and discern what feels true, what feels real, individually…personally…forgetting about the collective for just a bit, foregoing our need to fact check our authentic feelings for just this once…

And with Mercury stationing retrograde (29° Sagittarius) in such close contact with Saturn (28° Sagittarius), it is like a heavy-duty “reality check.”

Saturn has a reputation for being punishing. It wants nothing more than for us to succeed at life, so it will enforce strict rules. Where we find Saturn in our chart is where we will be required to mature. With this Mercury Rx/ Saturn conjunction, we are each being asked to be more responsible for ourselves — especially in the ways we communicate our thoughts, our beliefs…

This conjunction is bringing our conscious attention to the ways in which we’ve been perceiving the world around us, and perhaps illuminating the areas in which we’ve fallen victim to the enormous amount of external chatter out there, contributing to the creation of doubt, insecurity, limiting beliefs, or negative self-talk.

Mercury turning back to confront Saturn doesn’t have to be frightening, though. This is a partnership of mind over matter, when the two get absolutely serious about what they have to say, where they have to go, what they have to learn to achieve the important goals. This configuration can, at best, inspire serious focus to the task at hand and, at worse, depression (especially with Neptune’s participation at this full moon.)

This Gemini full moon is in a T-square with Neptune (at 11° Pisces), which adds to the overall confusion.

Neptune is famous for choosing to see Life through rose colored lenses. After all Neptune is the spiritual lover of the zodiac, a higher octave of Venus, expressing unconditional love (agape).

On the one hand, Neptune’s natural “urge to merge” — to be in ONEness– has us blurring our boundaries and feeling empathetic to the cause. We want to rescue all the victims from their pain. But with weakened boundaries, there is a danger in taking on too much of another’s pain– at our own expense.

All the while, Jupiter is energizing Neptune in a supportive trine, which adds to the magic (and magical thinking!) of this full moon energy. With both planets ruling the realms of spirituality, there is a complex depth of mysticism here.

This T-square aspect between chatty, noisy Gemini Moon, the wise old Sage sun and intuitive Neptune will have us becoming aware of these projections — and whether or not we’ve been playing savior or victim or the past several months, and to whom!

This full moon, with its invitation to suspend logic, is the last full moon of the calendar year. Because full moons begin the process of release, it seems to be about letting go of 2017.

We tend to seek validation a lot these days, questioning our own beliefs about what is right and just and true. There seems to be no clear answers out there anymore. But there is hope. I see an uprising of intuitive folks unplugging from chaos of social media chatter, demonstrating how to be present to the quiet whisperings of inner wisdom.

A good use of this tension is to reconnect with the inner realms and remember how toTRUST your own inner voice. 

If it helps get out your tarot cards, meditate on your biggest lessons from 2017, or do some pendulum work or even journal about your dreams over the full moon. Listen to the wisdom that is bubbling up from within. TRUST it. 

This full moon in Gemini is about changing direction and getting a different perspective.

It requires you to suspend your left brained logic and insulating yourself from the external noise.

This full moon in Gemini begins the return to your instinctual, intuitive nature, and knowing that each step taken in 2017– though it may have felt circular in nature, spiraling around and around– is one more step toward YOUR Truth.

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Image Credit my own. Book Quoted in Image: The Lunation Cycle: A Key to the Understanding of Personality by Dane Rudhyar 

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