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Aquarius New Moon + Solar Eclipse + The Four Asteroid Goddesses

Eclipses are portals of opportunity. They are choice point events in our path of conscious awareness evolution. When I said 2018 is a Feminine year, I wasn't kidding. At this time, the Four Main Asteroid Goddesses are making contributions to this part of our...

Parenting Tips from the Mythology of Ceres

Ceres was a very important Goddess to ancient civilizations and we can surmise this based upon her countless mentions within classical mythology-- as well as pre-Hellenistic texts-- that have survived to present times. Her stories are many, and messages...

The Asteroid Goddesses, Part 1: Ceres

Learn about the Asteroid Goddess, Ceres -- her myth, her archetypal meaning and her significance in astrology -- in episode 6 of The Goddesstrology Podcast! The soul speaks in symbolism, it understands intuitively what the mind can't make logic of. Mythology,...

Conversations on the Dark Goddess

Where I live, though the days are growing longer, the nights still come early and force us inside to shelter from darkness and cold. It is perfect time to sit by the fires and dream about the future. Or reflect on the past. But I just can't seem to get...

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