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Hi! I’m Dawn Champine and you might know me from The Goddess Diaries, where I blogged about my journey with the Goddess for the past three years. I also facilitated women’s healing circles and created content for awakening women. 

Or, it’s possible you know me from my work with yoni eggs and the feminine principles of radical self care. 

And perhaps you even attended one of my Manifesting with the Moon workshops/ eCourse where you learned to combine the influences of moon phase astrology with Law of Attraction techniques to manifest your desires into reality.

Now, I’m excited to bring you another project steeped in ancient feminine principles: Goddesstrology. 

Because the truth is that, as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I am more than the labels I’ve embodied.

AND I know that YOU are, too!

Which is why each episode of The Goddesstrology Podcast features practical advice. We’ll explore current women’s issues against the backdrop of astrology, mythology and transpersonal psychology — and, even though we do go deep into these heavy topics, there will definitely be plenty of laughter, too as we touch on the more lighthearted nature of life.

It is my hope that The Goddesstrology Podcast carves out a safe space for all of us to explore these topics in harmony with our authenticity and that it helps us all to lead a more balanced life.

I also hope The Goddesstrology Podcast nourishes your hunger for the mystery. 

Until launch time, I’ve got a lot of work to do, so I will see you soon and I love you to the moon and back!

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